I’m currently sitting in a hotel in Winchester in Hampshire as both Darren and I have flown once again to England. This time neither of us are competing but we are only here for a short period of time – a flying visit to join my family in celebrating my brother’s wedding tomorrow. What a crazy year it’s been and with this wedding being postponed and potentially cancelled all together – I’m so happy that despite the very strict regulations in the UK currently we are able to fly home and be here for this very special day and memory for all. We will only be in the UK for a very short time (just the weekend) and will be flying back to Dubai on Sunday evening in preparation for Christmas week and a very busy Xmas in Dubai hosting for eight people! Yes I know – I must be crazy – but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it… Our villa at home in Dubai is coming together (finally) and we have even landscaped the garden after moving in nearly five months ago! And I guess this brings me onto my reflections for the week and the topic for the podcast episode I recorded entitled ‘Less Is More – Time To Streamline’.

Since flying back from Romania at the end of November and getting back into my work routine and flow in Dubai, I have been working towards becoming more efficient with my time and looking at ways I can maximise my working hours without burning out or limiting my capacity for growth. As you guys know, I built my online coaching business from scratch and there are many plates that I spin when it comes to my business and lots of things that I want to progress in too – but I’m finding that the more I do the less productive I become and ultimately it’s becoming quite difficult to manage at times. I never imagined my business would grow at the rate it has and whilst I always preach about ticking the boxes daily and the results will come if you put the effort in and stay consistent…only now am I really seeing the fruits of this labour and effort. It’s quite remarkable and really does excite me! However, the way in which I’m currently working is not sustainable for me (long term) and will not secure continued growth and success. I work every single day and have done so for the last six to twelve months. I don’t take a day off from work – there’s always work to be done when you run your own business – and I’m finding that I have zero downtime and very little time to spend with my husband or simply to myself. My sleep is off too and for me when this happens – I know something has to change…

With all of that in mind, I’m pleased to say that BIG things are coming with the development of my business. Things that will both further support my clients but equally streamline work processes so that I can also get some down time too. Less is more and working hard 24/7 isn’t always the most productive. So I thought it would be useful to share with you guys my thoughts on this in more detail and tailor my latest podcast episode to anyone who is maybe going through something similar or finding that they need to address their current business model or look to improve their working systems in order to streamline and really embrace that ‘less is more’… If you haven’t already listened to it – please check out episode 51 which is available on all podcast platforms.

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