Who is Fitness Bex?

Who is Fitness Bex?


I am a teacher, a coach, a wife and an athlete. 

I started my own professional journey in the field of education and taught in primary and secondary schools for over 10 years. With my Masters in Education, I developed my teaching approach to support others through mentoring, coaching and have worked in hundreds of schools training new teachers to support curriculum development. My passion for personal development and growth transferred into my own fitness journey and has since been the benchmark for all coaching.

I started my own fitness journey nearly 10 years ago and have been competing as a bodybuilder for over 5 years. My love for this sport continues to grow and I have huge aspirations when it comes to competing and progressing my physique. However, bodybuilding has always been so much more than developing as an athlete. I have learnt how to master my mindset when it comes to training and nutrition. I have built resilience and grit when embarking on a prep season and the skills I have acquired during this process are used in all aspects of my life. We are all stronger than we think and capable of more than we realise! 

This mindset gave me the courage to build and develop my online coaching business from scratch - which has allowed me to work with 100s of clients over the last two years and mostly recently support other entrepreneurs in building their online businesses too. The shift from full-time teaching to online coaching was truly an effortless progress because I truly believe that everything in my life has led me to this point - living a life where I fulfil my purpose and passion.

This website is a reflection of everything I stand for. "We can all live the life we love and love the life we live" by creating good habits for eating and exercising whilst evolving our overall mindset.



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