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How is everyone doing this week? I know it’s been two weeks now since the gyms opened in England and many of you are most probably feeling those DOMs and the effect of training back in a fully equipped gym! I know my clients are loving it and getting back into their routine and smashing their goals. I too am feeling the effects of training and prep this week – closing in on 6 weeks out and now is where it’s really kicking in. I’m definitely feeling hungrier for my meals – waking in the morning with hunger pains, pushing through cardio and feeling pretty wrecked after each training session. I actually had my first mid-afternoon nap the other day which was totally unexpected – but my gosh did I need it! However, now is the time I not only need to dig deep and push on with prep but also not let anything else slip. It’s actually the opposite for me on prep because when time comes – I get laser focused and drive forward with other areas of my life. Business being one of them. This month I launched my Business With Bex webinar which is a four-week online course tailored to support aspiring entrepreneurs particularly those wanting to build their online coaching business and this weekend will be our fourth module. I’m actually loving this project and adore everyone on the team – it feels good to not only be coaching this group but back in the teaching seat again and sharing my knowledge and experience of how to gain clarity, create content, communicate with your audience and build consistent systems and routines for business. One of the key components to building your own business is having clarity – being clear on what you want to achieve, what you want your business to look like and how you want your future to be… So in this week’s podcast  episode I share with you the things I think help build clarity when going after your business goals. Hope you find it interesting and useful – drop me a DM if you have a listen!