Today is a very special day…. I’ve just recorded and uploaded my 50th podcast episode! Wow! I can’t actually believe it! When I started my podcast way back in January – I originally thought it wouldn’t take off… I knew I had lots I wanted to share, but didn’t realise that the things I would talk about would resonate with so many of you or that I’d get the response I have so far… This is why I’ve kept it up each week and I’m proud to say that I haven’t missed a single upload and have put out a new episode every single week! Not only that, I don’t think you guys realise how much I enjoy recording my podcast episodes too… I may be sharing things that I think others need to hear, but each topic comes straight from the heart and straight from something I’m currently experiencing or going through in my own life. It’s honestly been like a ‘dear diary’ moment every single week and has allowed me to reflect on so much and grow moving forward. Thank you to everyone who has been with me on this journey so far – it truly means the world to know that the things I say matter and more importantly that they help you in some way!

When I recorded my 50th episode I found myself in a massive state of reflection and one that reminded me that nothing in life stays the same and in this circle of life everything changes… Over the last few weeks, particularly towards the end of my competitive season – lots has changed and things have moved and developed in terms of my business, my own personal fitness goals, the relationships I have with friends and family… and whilst change can be scary – I’m fully aware that these things need to happen and it’s just part of life. I won’t go into massive amounts of detail as of course these things are personal, but I would like to give you a bit of an insight and some context… The friends we were once really close with no longer move in the same circles as us, some family members that I would be in contact almost daily withhave become a little more distant. My business has taken a shift and the focus moving forward has changed slightly. And whilst this can sound quite daunting or perhaps maybe make me question my actions or the reasons these things have happened (particularly the shift in relationships) I’ve taken time to reflect and understand that these things have occurred in order to allow me to level up and shift the direction of my life moving forward. Everything in life changes – relationships change, circles shift, our lives take so many twists and turns – and instead of feeling negative or sad about these changes – I choose to embrace the new experiences that are happening and the new friendships and bonds that have come our way.

So in my 50th episode – I thought it would be the perfect time to address this in a little more detail and perhaps help support anyone who may be going through something similar or feeling a similar way… As we are nearing the end of the year (what a year it has been) and I know many of you may be thinking about these things too. Family, friends, work, the new year, journeys coming to an end – others beginning… The important thing (I feel) is to remember that nothing in life is permanent – things don’t remain the same for too long – everything changes – and this is the circle of life. However, when things do change it is normal to feel like an anxious child. We either want everything to come as soon as possible, because we dream of devouring our experiences and squeezing out everything life has to offer or we want things to last forever when they are good. But we need to remind ourselves first that we cannot rush the process. No matter how badly we want something to happen – we must remember that later comes the triumphs, as do the disappointments and roadblocks too. This is life. If we can learn to move forward assuming that changes will occur and be humble in everything during the journey – the world becomes a more beautiful place. Let’s face it – who hasn’t ever wanted something to come as soon as possible? And who hasn’t wished at some point that a moment in time was eternal, that time stopped as still and you could enjoy it forever. This shouldn’t matter though – because the good times will always be printed in our memory, friendships and relationships will always hold a special place in our hearts and minds. We as human beings are all made of memories and we spend much of the day evoking good and bad moments. If we can accept that our lives pass by little-by-little each day then there is no one to stop us from advancing in our steps even if something changes, frightens us or makes us stop and think. When things change – let’s not be afraid of that road ahead, but move forward with more faith and hope…knowing that this is all part of our path and journey – it happens all in good time and the right time for the right reasons.

In reality, we are all brief tenants in this imperfect world filled with wonderful things. We have the opportunity to experience them, enjoy them, learn from them – but only for a short period of time. I’m not afraid of the moments that have passed – or things that have come to an end. I’m more afraid of an unlived life and years of empty emotions or lack of experience. I’m even afraid of the failures I’ll never experience because these are the things I know I will learn from. So when I consider how much has changed in the last few weeks – I’m not sad or disappointed – I simply accept that this is how it is now and I choose to find the learning opportunity and allow this to fuel my steps moving forward.

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