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It’s been another epic week for me in terms of putting in the work and focusing on what matters most. It’s been a successful week and I honestly think it’s simply because I’ve ticked the boxes daily, not over thought anything and just showed up each day for prep, my training, my cardio, posing, business, and loved ones. Often in life we can get wrapped up in our long-term goals and focus too much on them to a point where we can become overwhelmed or anxious. I’ve definitely learned over the years that whilst having long term goals is important – what matters most is simply showing up and getting the job done. The moment you overthink something or anticipate how hard or difficult it might be will be the moment you allow your mind to talk yourself out of it. Cardio in the morning early isn’t easy – but don’t overthink it – just show up. Training sessions are tough – if you are really pushing yourself, you’ll know how much it’ll take out of you and your muscles will feel it – don’t overthink it – just show up and get it done. Following your meal plan for a long period of time without any free meals or treats could become overwhelming or demotivating when you think about it long term – but don’t allow yourself to think these things – just show up and get that meal ticked off. Most of what we do day-to-day is about simply showing up and getting it done. This is the secret to success – if you can show up daily – the results come – progress is made in the small steps you take each day and your progress relies on this – it all adds up. If I allowed myself to overthink the process of prep – being just over 14 weeks out – knowing how much weight and bodyfat I have to drop – I could become overwhelmed and unmotivated. I may even think I’m not going to get there in time, but that serves no purpose in the here and now – because here and now – today – this moment – is what matters most. Show up Bex – get the job done to the best of your ability and trust in the process. So in essence – it’s not about the quick fix and more about understanding the long game and focusing on showing up daily. In this week’s podcast episode I share with you how you can ‘show up’ for yourself with regards to your health and fitness, your work/business and relationships too. Click the link to listen to episode 59 and let me know how you are showing up this week!