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This week for me has been HARD! It’s been a week of intense emotion, physical discomfort and stress when it comes to my business. I’ve had to make lots of ‘hard’ choices when it comes to those I spend time with, invest in, and allow into my inner emotional circle. It’s been a week where training has been hard and I’ve pushed myself daily to increase my lifts in the gym, intensify my workouts and improve my performance – all of which has taken a toll on my body and made me feel incredibly tired physically and mentally. It’s been a week where new business goals have been set and new projects are being worked on and this has been hard to focus on at times and overwhelming when considering the amount of work that will need to go into these things… But despite all this – these are hard decisions that had to be made because the alternative is non-negotiable. I will not accept the hard choice where people take advantage of me. I will not accept the hard choice which leads me to not achieving my goals when prepping and competing. I will not accept the hard choice that doesn’t allow for me to level-up and my business to evolve where it needs to. All decisions in life are hard because every one of them leads to us having to work, adapt, assess and move forward changing direction in order to progress.

It’s all hard but you get to choose your hard!

It goes without saying that, in life, there are many elements that are completely beyond our control. Unexpected things happen, things go wrong, and things fall apart. However, in my latest podcast episode I speak about things which are within our control and our realm of influence. Within every negative (and positive) life circumstance, there are pieces that we can change, and pieces that we simply cannot. I choose to speak about these things not because I live in comfort or from a vantage point which puts me above all of this ‘hard stuff’. Quite the opposite – I choose to speak about this because I know what it’s like to experience the ‘hard’ professionally, physically and emotionally. I’ve come to learn in life – we always have two options – both of which are difficult. But I also believe that you can choose the nature and tone of this ‘hard’ and have control over the direction you wish to take your life… Let me know if you tune into episode 58 and which ‘hard’ you are choosing today!