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Today marks the 60th episode upload for my podcast Walk With Bex – 60 episodes! I can’t actually believe it… The support from you guys since I started on this platform over a year ago has been overwhelming and I can quite honestly say that it has not only transformed my business and allowed me to share so much with you all – but it’s truly been an amazing platform for my own self-development and personal growth. 

This week has been a very busy but productive one. There is a lot going on with my personal and professional development at the moment and I’m feeling super excited! I can’t wait to reveal all with you very soon… For now I want to focus on why it’s been so productive and celebrate the fact that not only have I been online coaching for three years – but this month also marks the anniversary of one year business coaching. This time last year I started to help others build their businesses online and shared my experience and knowledge of building an online platform and this has grown month-by-month to a point where I’ve helped almost 50 people! It’s actually mental when I think about it and I just love that I’ve been in a position to help so many and they have trusted me to help them level-up! 

I’m now working on a new project that will take my business coaching to a whole new level also and I’m hoping that this will be able to go live by the end of the month – happy anniversary to me! Yay! I truly believe that this level of success all comes down to me putting in the work – focusing on the daily tasks and winning the day…every single day!

So in this week’s podcast episode – I share with you my top tips for WINNING THE DAY so that you can see the rewards of success day by day, week by week, month on month, year to year… I talk about three main things: serving yourself first, setting a schedule and celebrating the wins. Let me know if you tune in and tell me how you are winning the day today!