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Well – I’ve  hit that point now of prep where I’m pushing through. Some days are harder than others and it’s no wonder as I’m nearing 5 weeks out from my first competition this year. My body fat has dropped quite low and I can tell because every day I‘m seeing new lines in my physique – more muscle definition. Not to mention my weight is still dropping. Since my last BIG two-day refeed two weeks ago nothing has changed with my food or cardio. I’m still on about 1800cals and my cardio sits at 45mins AM and 20mins PM. And yet after a two-day refeed of 850g carbs + these last two weeks have produced another big drop and I weighed in this morning at 149.2lbs with check in looming tomorrow. That’s another 3lbs down – so I am anticipating another refeed tomorrow and then some changes for the last push. Now, here is where I want to chat to you guys about this push and pushing through a prep in general – because I’ve had a lot of experience with this having competed for nearly 6 years and prepped for 10 shows. I know these feelings all too well and when they come I know that I am close. 149lbs is just 7lbs off my last stage weight last year and the best physique I’ve brought to date. So instead of feeling these ‘prep’ feels and getting down or stressed about them or allowing them to overwhelm me – I remind myself that this is weirdly good. If it wasn’t getting tough by this point or it wasn’t feeling hard – I wouldn’t be close to being ready. However, for anyone reading this or tuning into my latest podcast episode – I want to share with you guys my honest views and opinions on pushing through a prep. Everything I share comes from my own experience when prepping myself but also things that I’ve learnt when prepping my own clients too. I totally appreciate that this episode is very competitive and focused on prep – but as I’ve mentioned before – everything I speak about on this platform comes from a very real and raw place and things that I am experiencing or going through… Let me know if you tune in and if you find my tips useful!